I'm really interested in the connection between unusual mental states and digital realities, particularly the dissociation and freedom involved in out-of-body experiences and creativity with digital technology. It goes without saying that the power of computer technology to gather, store and sort information is essential to my work.

In the past, I wanted to create something that expresses the most interesting components from various stages of my life; personal items; links to sources and individuals with whom I have been involved. in a web-based format. The residual socialphobic element of my personality can be exaggerated by the alienating nature of computer technology, so I find ways to offset this.

I'm not just interested in art, and want to reflect the range of activities that comprise my life and contacts; some of those contacts are friends who seem to be living lives that contribute through human and digital communication networks to a collective experience of the world. As an individual in that group, I have access to a range of experiences I am incapable of covering alone. Although technically I'm an individual, my small life is just one cell in a larger being consisting of these people. I'd like to stimulate and facilitate that process digitally, as well as in material life. This conscious, willing collectivist approach is the benign version of that Star Trek creation—the Borg.

Reading from the “Wise Book”

Finally, I recently saw a diagram shown by someone giving a talk (a vague phrase, I know, but it’ll do) that looks exactly like what I used to see “behind my eyes” as a child either side of sleep. It consists of a series of complex, round, coloured geometrical symbols. As a child I called this experience “reading from the wise book” because “pages” of these geometric symbols would pass before my eyes. These seemed to embody or encode complex information in a concise diagram, and I’ve used this idea in a website on Esoteric Astrology, which updates the approach originally published by post-Theosophist writer Alice Bailey.