Extreme lucidity


I have often had moments of what I can only describe as extreme lucidity. The most striking of these lasted three months, when I woke up every morning elated to find myself in the same elevated state as the previous day. The first time it happened I called it “Christmas every morning” because that was the day it started.

The state has a remarkable quality of clarity about it that escapes me at other times. I feel continually that I am in exactly the right place at the right time, and that I know everything it is possible for me to know, and—if I concentrate—anything else I need to know, like a kind of remote viewing. But there's a fine line between cranky and lucid.

This state has sometimes been succeeded by a period of confusion and depression, but more recently the “come-down” period has gone, and I’m gradually learning how to retain some of the lucidity. Sometimes I see myself from a distance, as a tool I must learn to handle wisely. Who is doing the seeing? I don't know. Whatever it is that is really me, I suppose.