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Automatic drawings

‘If the depths of our minds conceal strange forces capable of augmenting or
conquering those on the surface, it is in our greatest interest to capture them.’
- André Breton: The First Surrealist Manifesto

The large files (up to 220K) linked to these small images will open in a new window so you can let them load in the backround. The owners are people who ‘sat’ for me while I completed a drawing from images that occurred as I focussed on their presence.

It's an intense experience where I give my mind over completely to the images that enter my head spontaneously in the process of drawing, and during which I avoid all conversation and other interruption, focussing only on the ‘model’.

The style is derived partly from my studies of natural form, particularly clouds, rocks, water and the iterative formations of growth and decay.

Materials: 6B pencil on archival cartridge paper.

Some of the above drawings are featured in the ‘Brycelander’ project at the Brycelander logo Online Collaborative Arts Community.