intense pencil drawing 6
intense pencil drawing 7
intense pencil drawing 2
intense pencil drawing 1
intense pencil drawing 3
intense pencil drawing 4

“If the depths of our minds conceal strange forces capable of augmenting or
conquering those on the surface, it is in our greatest interest to capture them.”
- André Breton: The First Surrealist Manifesto

Some of these are owned by those close to me in my life, who sat for me while I completed a drawing from images that occurred as I focussed on their presence. It's an intense experience where I give my mind over completely to the images that enter my head spontaneously in the process of drawing, and during which I avoid all conversation and other interruption, focussing only on the “model”, and giving form to whatever emerges as I start to draw.

The style is derived partly from my studies of natural processes, particularly clouds, rocks, water and the iterative formations of growth and decay.

Materials: 6B pencil on archival cartridge paper.

Some of the above drawings are featured in the “Brycelander” project at the Brycelander logo Online Collaborative Arts Community.