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Subjective mental states

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I don't like the idea of psychological pathology (which arose partly from the desire of drug companies to classify unusual mental states), although I have friends who benefit from medication. In my opinion the parameters of acceptable behaviour determined by social rules can alienate or actually make ill those who cannot or do not fit in. In other words, if much of society is sick, it is harder to maintain health within it. We often blame ourselves (or, thanks to Freud, our parents) for the effects of a financially-driven corporate culture that fails to take into account the complexity of human capability and limitation, and persists in creating workplaces and 'markets' that disrespect basic human dignity by stimulating dissatisfaction, advertising vacuous 'lifestyle' normalities, and attempting to override the safe limits of biology. All of this has been present in most dominant and corporate cultures for some time. '24/7' may be good for business, but it's bad for you. The effect on those who already have psychological stresses may be worse. They can - and do - break. If you ever contemplate suicide, read this page.