Graphical Programming, generative art and related links

The resources

These were to supplement classes and seminars in creativity and technology in the early 2000s. I've added them here for anyone interested.

Design By Numbers (DBN)
For historical reference: the original generative graphical programming environment by John Maeda, which was developed into Processing…
Processing (Java)
Development from John Maeda's DBN by his former students Casey Reas and Ben Fry. See some examples.
Field (meta-art-code environment)
From the Open-Ended Group
Open Frameworks (C++)
See the gallery.
Context Free
Written mainly in C++. Uses a Context-free grammar. See how to, or some examples and the gallery.
vvvv (Windows only but you can use Bootcamp or Wine)
See the propaganda for more information.
Nodebox and NodeBox2 (Python)
Lacking a clear distinction between/rationale for the two versions, but see some examples and the nice tutorial.
VPython: 3D programming for ordinary mortals
Don't be put off by the nasty website. There are some good video tutorials.
Shoes and Shoes4 (Ruby)
All-in-one toolkit for creating mini-applications, with a built-in manual. See the Ruby and Shoes tutorials.
The Ruby 'Pickaxe' book (first edition) is free online
This was for many years the 'classic' Ruby textbook. For an online tutorial see the lovely TryRuby, or Core Ruby Programming.
Ruby Processing (download site)
Is what it says - Processing rewritten in Ruby..
Art and Code
A symposium for umm... art and code

The arguments

The Little Coder's Predicament
Article arguing for easier programming for kids and the rest of us, by Ruby aficionado '_why the lucky stiff' (_why)
The importance of visual programming
Similar topic, with brief reviews of a few solutions.
Introducing programming skills in education
Unpublished article about the background and current state of programming in education, from Logo and the BBC Micro to Squeak, Shoes and Processing
Anxiety 2.0
Media Culture & Society article by Dave Everitt & Simon Mills about the origins and misapplications of the 2.0 suffix.