portrat of Dave Everitt low light

Live in Melton Mowbray, East Midlands market town, U.K. with Fania since 2014, married 2018. We maintain around 4 web servers/many websites and code together on projects including an extensive magic square application for exploring and researching patterns (Node, CouchDB, JavaScript, Haskell). I'm working on a browser-based decision-maker and a small number of other projects. Co-own small company called Ecovisum that tracks energy use. Art-technology practitioner. Advocate for plain-text content using Multi/Markdown and Pandoc (convert to any format). Two grown children Meri and Jessica from previous marriage (ended 1989), both musicians. Band I was in for 23 years ended 2019 after death of fellow band-mate (and co-developer) Ben Daglish (known for 80s computer game music). I now record acoustic improvised pieces (albums in progress), read a lot: popular science: Carlo Rovelli, Duncan Watts/complexity/society, neurology, etc. Love novels by Anne Tyler. Created and taught a module in web technologies at De Montfort University, students from journalism to computer science. Love that now you can build almost anything from web tech. Two indispensible things: GIT and SimpleNote. Current text editor of choice: VSCode. Despite having a Leukaemia that slows me down (CLL, not terminal) I’m contentedly unambitious, value private life, and need plenty of free space and time to be happy and productive.